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worth cramped fingers.

This lil’ project has kept my hands busy for the past two days, but I’m pretty stoked on the outcome. I’ve done several other shirts months ago, but I was working with t-shirts I didn’t like in the first place so, although they were a little bit fancier after shredding, I still didn’t like the overall t-shirt. Anyhoo, I couldn’t go wrong with a black wifebeater (my staple for over a decade).

I say shredding yourself is way better than spending several hundred dollars on an Obesity and Speed shirt (although if I had the cash, I might have to splurge anyway…) Here’s the highend deal worn by Gwen Stefani.

But really, if you can do it for free, why not? Save the money for Red Bull or something.

Here’s Camille’s tutorial:

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