Little Date



I’m sure you were distraught, wondering where I could possibly be. Not blogging. Not sharing very random things. Fulfilling your life.

Well, it was because I have been lazy, cold and glued to the television. I am a stone cold t.v. addict. I don’t care. I read. I always have. I think that television only makes you dumb if you let it. And, no, I don’t spend my time watching pbs or csnbc or whatever other channels smart, sophisticated people watch. I enjoy getting wrapped up in fictional people’s lives. Shit like this…

Sons of Anarchy. Gemma is one of my favorite characters on t.v. Period. And Jax is hot. That pretty much sums that up.

Weeds. This season is just a bummer. But this past Monday my stomach fluttered when I saw my drug lord dreamboat, Guillermo, reappear. Yeah, possibly to kill Nancy, but whatever, she totally has it coming.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The only reason I am still on Twitter is to keep up on Troll Foot. If this means nothing to you, please check out his twitpic series. (!/Danny_DeVito) But really, this show just makes me happy. So good.

So here we are. Go ahead and judge me. That’s fine. But Bad Girl’s Club is just…well, I don’t know, really. Disgusting. It’s kind of what I would imagine strung out, second-rate porn stars who all have to live together would be like. And it is hilarious! It’s really funny to see girls act out this weird machismo for show. Not necessarily for the television show, but just a show for onlookers in general. It’s also a lesson in science, odds and medicine. Like, how have these broads beaten the odds of not dying of alcohol poisoning?

Well, yep, that’s what I’ve been doing. Winterizing.

Hopefully I will reemerge from the corner of my couch sometime soon. Until then….um,

I also watch Gossip Girl…


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happy halloween!

Have a very black metal Halloween!


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love. creepy style.

How creepy is it that I am in love with all the sets of false nails this girl has on her etsy page? Like, I love them enough that I want to run to the store right now and buy some Lee Press-Ons to decorate myself.

Check out her other styles, too, including fancy press-on toenails. (Which actually creep me out, not in a loving way.)

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little guy demanded a shirt.






After I made myself a shirt, my son loved it and asked that I make one for him. I decided to make his way cooler by adding the skull. What Gunnar wants, Gunnar gets.

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no t-shirt is safe.

When there are 3,938 other things I could and should be working on, I cannot stop ruining t-shirts. Seriously. But it’s just so much fun.

Today’s random violent t-shirt assault:

Sorry to my paint brush that was eaten up by bleach. You will be missed.

And today I purchased a dress that I fully intend to destroy.


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somebody to love.

I have a love/hate thing going on with Justin Bieber. My three year old son idolizes him so in turn I have downloaded some of his songs. Well, now I know all the words to all the songs and I have to admit: I don’t hate it. Just like I do not hate glitter nailpolish. I have actually had a slight obsession with glitter polish since using my best friend’s wet n’ wild polish when I was 9. But my point with all this random information is that in December, Justin Bieber will be releasing his own line of Nicole by O.P.I. polishes.

See?!! And they are named after different songs. I’m hoping there’s one called “Somebody to Love”. ‘Cause that’s my jam.

I officially hate myself for admitting that on the interwebs.


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worth cramped fingers.

This lil’ project has kept my hands busy for the past two days, but I’m pretty stoked on the outcome. I’ve done several other shirts months ago, but I was working with t-shirts I didn’t like in the first place so, although they were a little bit fancier after shredding, I still didn’t like the overall t-shirt. Anyhoo, I couldn’t go wrong with a black wifebeater (my staple for over a decade).

I say shredding yourself is way better than spending several hundred dollars on an Obesity and Speed shirt (although if I had the cash, I might have to splurge anyway…) Here’s the highend deal worn by Gwen Stefani.

But really, if you can do it for free, why not? Save the money for Red Bull or something.

Here’s Camille’s tutorial:

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friendship. it’s important.

Especially when friendship is shown through a necklace. My new project. Will be up for sale soon on my etsy page and sold by Tonia and Amelia ( at the Homemade Holiday this year at C Space, Downtown Dayton.

Me and textiles are bffs.