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back at it.

it’s been a while since i’ve posted ANYTHING! too busy partying i.e. hanging out with the kiddo. but i’m back. so expect more jibberish, projects and personal inspiratations.



x’s and o’s



my brain does not allow me to stick to one thing. my mind skips, jumps and cartwheels everywhere. basically, it’s impossible for me to focus an entire blog on just one tiny spectrum of what is in my brain. from here on out i will blog about anything that strikes my fancy. whether it be trying to actualize an idea of a kitty wearing earmuffs or complaining about one of my tail lights being out. deal with it. right.


holy hell it’s been a long time since my last post. i suppose i got caught up in all things summer…

but now it is officially fall and my head has come down from the clouds. kind of.

big pools and little pools…

beautiful gardens..


wearing yellow.

farewell summer.