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One thing to do with a muumuu.


What do you do with muumuu that you purchased four years ago while thrifting because you loved the fabric? Make a purse, duh. I have had this thing forEVER and up to this point had only cut the little sleeves off. I loved it…yellow with pink embroidery…so so so pretty but I can’t actually bring myself to wear a muumuu. So in the past week I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for gifts I could make. A tote was one idea. While going through all my scrap fabric I came across the muumuu and started on a purse. I didn’t use a pattern, or any sort of organized thought process.
First I cut the amount of my pretty fabric to use and used that shape to cut the liner fabric (a heavy canvas-y fabric). I pinned it together (which was the only proper thing I did) and started sewing.

After sewing the liner to the exterior I started sewing the edges together. I just kind of made up the shape as I went along. I had a bit of help from my kid and my cat.

I made a strap out of the same material, sewing inside then pulling it outside in. Then sewed that into the inside.

Unfortunately I can’t take photos while sewing because I have this whole two hands thing going on. But with an idea, a sewing machine and absolutely no organization or pattern you can make a purse, too!


little guy demanded a shirt.






After I made myself a shirt, my son loved it and asked that I make one for him. I decided to make his way cooler by adding the skull. What Gunnar wants, Gunnar gets.

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no t-shirt is safe.

When there are 3,938 other things I could and should be working on, I cannot stop ruining t-shirts. Seriously. But it’s just so much fun.

Today’s random violent t-shirt assault:

Sorry to my paint brush that was eaten up by bleach. You will be missed.

And today I purchased a dress that I fully intend to destroy.


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worth cramped fingers.

This lil’ project has kept my hands busy for the past two days, but I’m pretty stoked on the outcome. I’ve done several other shirts months ago, but I was working with t-shirts I didn’t like in the first place so, although they were a little bit fancier after shredding, I still didn’t like the overall t-shirt. Anyhoo, I couldn’t go wrong with a black wifebeater (my staple for over a decade).

I say shredding yourself is way better than spending several hundred dollars on an Obesity and Speed shirt (although if I had the cash, I might have to splurge anyway…) Here’s the highend deal worn by Gwen Stefani.

But really, if you can do it for free, why not? Save the money for Red Bull or something.

Here’s Camille’s tutorial:

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friendship. it’s important.

Especially when friendship is shown through a necklace. My new project. Will be up for sale soon on my etsy page and sold by Tonia and Amelia ( at the Homemade Holiday this year at C Space, Downtown Dayton.

Me and textiles are bffs.



this past week has been spent obsessing over several things.


listening to we were promised jetpacks non stop.

diving head first into embroirdery. one piece completed, these three that i’m still working on.

i’ve always loved ochocinco, although i don’t enjoy football. now i know why….thank you, vh1.

and darth vader. duh.

also looking forward to my jury duty later this week as well as a much MUCH needed haircut.

now i must wrap this up so i can work off all this espresso and chai that’s turning me into a lunatic!

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yarn water and nailpolish. my obsessions.

i’ve been keeping busy this weekend by, well, learning new ways to keep myself busy.

crocheting, first step into watercolor, soon to start embroidery…lots of time in hobby lobby and michael’s!

my first ever watercolor. still trying to get used to it but it’s SO fun! it’s so beautiful and i even have the kiddo in on it. (WHY do they sell those horrible watercolor things to kids? i’m getting him a real set and getting rid of all the random six-packs of chintzy watercolors! kids deserve better)

i also started crocheting. it was a strange transition from knitting (weird…) but i have at least one style down! the only problem is that i had no control over my stitches so i ended up with the weirdest little formations of yarn. this one turned out to be a pretty fancy surgical mask!

okay, last…though terribly irrevalant to my own life, i can’t help but be kind of obsessed with the lindsay lohan in general! i think the best thing about her whole ‘trial’ or whatever was not the ninety day jail sentence but her manicure. as a girl who loves a fun manicure and writing on her nails, i was pretty impressed with the ‘fuck u’ painted on her nail. i’ve never seen such an inappropriate use of nail art. EVER!

okay off to embroider SOMEthing! who knows what… then paint some furniture.



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