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Another day another…cake.

Here’s a little post about my latest large scale baking gig. (well, to me…GIANT baking gig!). The thing I love about baking for people I know is them having trust in me to take a few ideas from them and go from there. I really don’t think I could work in a bakery because my worst nightmare is the ‘psychotic bride’. Scary. But anyway, here’s a (iPhone, not from my Nikon) photo.



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piping, ahoy!

I CANNOT wait to bake my next cake. (Next week is my husband’s birthday, yes!)

Thanks to Aunt Laura for lending me a plethora of tips.


pagan holidays & baked goods.

I love pagan holidays and making cakes. Because of that, this October is fantastic!

I made a wedding cake for friends and will soon start working on the kiddo’s Halloween costume. (Donatello, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!)

Pictures of my cake.

Pictures of the turtle costume coming soon!


chubby girl loves pastry.

when i was younger, whenever i visited my family in chicago, and even when i lived there, we always went to papa milano’s. it’s since closed, but i have the best memories of that place.

and it’s safe to say that my love of cannoli stems directly from eating there.

mmmmm pistachio. not chocolate chips.


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