One thing to do with a muumuu.


What do you do with muumuu that you purchased four years ago while thrifting because you loved the fabric? Make a purse, duh. I have had this thing forEVER and up to this point had only cut the little sleeves off. I loved it…yellow with pink embroidery…so so so pretty but I can’t actually bring myself to wear a muumuu. So in the past week I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for gifts I could make. A tote was one idea. While going through all my scrap fabric I came across the muumuu and started on a purse. I didn’t use a pattern, or any sort of organized thought process.
First I cut the amount of my pretty fabric to use and used that shape to cut the liner fabric (a heavy canvas-y fabric). I pinned it together (which was the only proper thing I did) and started sewing.

After sewing the liner to the exterior I started sewing the edges together. I just kind of made up the shape as I went along. I had a bit of help from my kid and my cat.

I made a strap out of the same material, sewing inside then pulling it outside in. Then sewed that into the inside.

Unfortunately I can’t take photos while sewing because I have this whole two hands thing going on. But with an idea, a sewing machine and absolutely no organization or pattern you can make a purse, too!


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