Manicure Wednesday

Wednesday I watch top model and paint my nails. I am aware that I live a phenomenallyexciting life and that most are envious of my jet setting life. Well, today is Wednesday. So it is nail time!
I decided that tonight’s color combo is grey and neon fuchsia leopard print. The polishes I used were:


Seche Plus fortified strengthener base
N.Y.C. in Sidewalkers (grey)
China Glaze Purple Panic Neon (fuchsia)
China Glaze Liquid Leather (black)
Seche Vite Top Coat (the best topcoat in existence, seriously.)

First of all, make sure nails are free of any oil by swiping some acetone over all your nails. Otherwise your color will last barely a day. I decided to do all my nails, except ring fingers, in grey. I did the ring fingernails in fuchsia. I did a couple coats of polish. (I prefer China Glaze because it coats like a dream!) Once dry, I busted out my black. Clear the brush of polish and just leave a little bead at the tip. Gently touch the dot of color onto the nail and from there you make your leopard shapes. Drag the bead of polish gently into “u” shapes, imperfect dots and rough circles.


Vary the shapes around the nail. You can do bigger or smaller shapes, whatever you prefer or what’s easier for you. After the leopard spots dry, on the grey nails I filled in some of the “u”‘s with the fuchsia polish. I did the same on fuchsia nails with grey. Then put on your top coat and that’s it! At the end of an hour you will have pretty tips and get to see which broad’s life Tyra decides to ruin!



3 thoughts on “Manicure Wednesday

  1. Laura says:

    You’re so creative & talented! I tried painting a moustache on my nail & it came out alright. I’m going to try these leopard spots!

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