yarn water and nailpolish. my obsessions.

i’ve been keeping busy this weekend by, well, learning new ways to keep myself busy.

crocheting, first step into watercolor, soon to start embroidery…lots of time in hobby lobby and michael’s!

my first ever watercolor. still trying to get used to it but it’s SO fun! it’s so beautiful and i even have the kiddo in on it. (WHY do they sell those horrible watercolor things to kids? i’m getting him a real set and getting rid of all the random six-packs of chintzy watercolors! kids deserve better)

i also started crocheting. it was a strange transition from knitting (weird…) but i have at least one style down! the only problem is that i had no control over my stitches so i ended up with the weirdest little formations of yarn. this one turned out to be a pretty fancy surgical mask!

okay, last…though terribly irrevalant to my own life, i can’t help but be kind of obsessed with the lindsay lohan in general! i think the best thing about her whole ‘trial’ or whatever was not the ninety day jail sentence but her manicure. as a girl who loves a fun manicure and writing on her nails, i was pretty impressed with the ‘fuck u’ painted on her nail. i’ve never seen such an inappropriate use of nail art. EVER!

okay off to embroider SOMEthing! who knows what… then paint some furniture.



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3 thoughts on “yarn water and nailpolish. my obsessions.

  1. sweetlikelemons says:

    Those random crochet shapes would be great sewn onto one of your knit bombs!

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