make your neck pretty…

not that any one piece she makes is any less beautiful than another, but throw in the state of ohio and i am sold.

photo from BrookeArin's shop page.

i’m going to order this as soon as i possibly can.

take a look at all her jewelry at super rad pieces to make your ears, neck and fingers all kinds of pretty!


3 thoughts on “make your neck pretty…

  1. Tonia says:

    Oh! I love her stuff but this is particularly special. I hope it’s not one of a kind!!

  2. ardentlyohio says:

    i’m not sure how she works (if she pre-makes pieces or makes them upon order) but these are totally available, either plain or customized with a letter (as shown, but the letter of your choice). i’m seriously obsessed with this!

  3. Brooke says:

    Anna! You’re awesome. Thanks for this.

    I do make each necklace to order, to answer that question. In general it takes about ten days from the date of order until it arrives. 🙂

    Allllso, they may be available soon in other metals and materials. I’m pretty excited! This is a fun one to make.

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