knitta what? knitta who?

after countless years of failed attempts at graffiti (and getting caught, and being questioned at the police station, and large fines…) i came to my senses. i was not good. after three minutes my index finger would become numb and useless. i love it, but i’m a better spectator and admirer than actual painter. so my soul was a bit crushed. was i to keep my creativity within my own walls? hmm, well, no. a couple months ago i learned to knit. soon after i was introduced to yarnbombing. my little rebellious, artistic heart was filled. although i never imagined that a person would actually get offended by knitted installations as they would pieces or tags. but then again, i didn’t take into account that i live in the oregon district. half snooty old, by the book historic bastards and half young, optimistic, people with lots of ideas and lots to give. so one installation was put up. cool, urban nights…newly coined ‘art district’…hipsters…bikes & coffee. several few short weeks later this piece was destroyed in an attempt to remove it. (side note…not even twenty feet away are there b.s. tags and like, five james brown stencils) so, i got the call, grabbed my pieces and met up with the other ladies. we re-installed on  the initial spot, as well as i think five or six more pieces close by. (we don’t die, we multiply attitude that we have…) next morning, boom, one already down.

okay, so maybe we are just diluted into thinking that this is all well and good. maybe these are atrocious little monsters de-prettifying this drunken street. i’ll let you be the judge…

so, do any of you readers think of these as offensive? do you see them and want to bang your fist on a desk yelling ‘i MUST tear these down!’? or are they actually a little brightness to objects that you would otherwise walk by without notice?

(also, i love james brown. no disrespect to him as a man or a stencil.)

(since writing this, we got the okay to continue…yes!)


2 thoughts on “knitta what? knitta who?

  1. tony tone says:

    i am disgusted, but sadly not surprised that your piece got messed with.

    the angry, hipster chimps in the OD are unfamiliar with new, colorful things and it makes them scared. scared of the unfamiliar.

    so, instead of learning about it and taking some time to think about it, it’s just easier to smash things you don’t understand.

    hipster angry. hipster go smash.

  2. controllingaspicyuniverse says:

    I think what you’re doing is beautiful and yay for the go-ahead to move on. Dayton needs all the pretty it can get.

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