chatty cathy & puppets.

everyone i know is aware of my love of dolls. i have a pretty extensive collection that spans barbie to voodoo-esque, hand-made to marionettes. the older and creepier, the better. handmade makes my heart happy. my collection of vintage, original barbie clothes (including the solo in the spotlight dress and the first black & white striped swimsuit) are some of my most prized possessions. here are just a select few of them for all to enjoy!

a special thanks to my family for supporting my doll habit. and an extra special thanks to my aunt laura for handing down some of her dolls to me.

i hope that eventually my son will have a daughter who will love them as much as i do! xox


4 thoughts on “chatty cathy & puppets.

  1. controllingaspicyuniverse says:

    i love this post so effin much

  2. ardentlyohio says:

    thank you! i’ll be posting more and more of my dolls. there are so so many. so many…

  3. controllingaspicyuniverse says:

    Am especially loving that kangaroo. When I was in theatre there was this cool lady I met who was a marionette artist – just like in Being John Malcovich. She’s in Dayton – will have to look her up to see if she’s still around…

  4. ardentlyohio says:

    i was so excited to find the kangaroo! my husband is so creeped out by it. i think the art of marionettes is insane. if you find her definitely let me know. i only have three in my collection now, but would love to add!

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