you say it’s your birthday…

wondering how i can lighten up the bloggage….oh yeah, cake!

in celebration of a certain awesome girl’s 9th birthday today (happy birthday, milla!) and another birthday coming up this saturday (ahem, mine…) i decided to not only celebrate birthdays, but the birthday cake. in my opinion, there’s nothing better than cake. i may not even like you, but if you invite me to a birthday party with promises of cake, i will be there lip-synching along to the birthday song before you blow out your candles. i don’t discriminate when it comes to cakes. i don’t care if it’s the fanciest thing you’ve ever seen or just in a 13×9 pan. although i do prefer homemade, but i won’t fault those who use mixes. (oh, and homemade icing is ridiculously easy, just saying) i grew up having wacky cake with panucci icing at every single birthday party. simple cake simple icing and absolutely delicious. yet after having my little dude, i have stepped up my baking/decorating skills.

this was his bumblebee cake from this past april. (this photo was taken before it was totally finished) yes, i’m that idiot that watches ace of cakes and thinks ‘hmm, i could do that’ and that actually takes into account that her son says he wants a transformers cake. ugh, not very easy, at all. but still fun and it made him happy, so i guess it was worth it. i also found some other fun cakes that i, unfortunatley, did not make.

(psst…my birthday is saturday and i love pirates…)

what 14 year old girl wouldn’t love this? and what mother wouldn’t want to serve this at said 14 year old’s party?

i also celebrate reagan’s birthday every year. what? you don’t? i guess you just don’t love america.

that’s about all for now. i won’t go into the history of the birthday cake or any nonsense like that. but just know that everyone loves cake and that when having a party make sure you have enough for all guests. and if you ever need a recipe for buttercream or a semi-simple cake, just ask. i might be able to help you out.


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