boycott bp? no way…

there seems to be a backlash when it comes to boycotting bp. you know… bp stations are franchised and the owners of these stations are the ones who are actually the ones losing money and are not able to feed their families. really? they are the victims? well let’s see, 43 days. millions of gallons. i suppose the 11 workers that were killed when the rig exploded are less of a concern? maybe the men who made their living and fed their families by fishing matter less than the proprietors of these stations. oh, but wait…these fishermen are being compensated by bp. they are going to pay them to help clean up! win-win situation, right?

well, i could give a damn. i will not buy bp. i know i will not put them out of business. that’s fine. my $20 spent at the pump every couple of weeks isn’t going to hurt them. but i refuse to buy bp. i think it’s absurd that a person’s choice to avoid bp is being questioned. my concerns are with the men that make their money in the gulf (sorry, sir, can you go ahead and pull up that crab trap…it’s contaminated). with the friends i have that live on the coast that is soiled (remember the beach? sorry about that.). with the little aquatic animals who are choking on bp’s fuck up (yep, i actually like animals). so, to those of you who question a person who doesn’t buy bp, i’m sure that you will make up for us. thanks, i guess?


One thought on “boycott bp? no way…

  1. Great post. I won’t buy from BP either. Best Polluter won’t feel the sting of my few bucks leaving its income stream nor will the alleged mom & pop station owner.

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