shopping, anyone?

although i am a devout thrift store shopper and prefer cheap to expensive (….who doesn’t?),  i can’t help but get all drooly when i see certain looks. i love black clothes, but for some reason i love love love white right now and it’s pretty much all i’ve been buying. maybe a little grey.  maybe it’s a sign…am i becoming soft in my old(er) age? hmm. anyhow, here are some looks that i adore.

pringle of scotland s/s 2010. cardigan…why, yes. thanks.

lanvin s/s 2010. i am not a fan of jumpsuits. at all. well, except this sparkly one…

burberry. s/s 2010. so simple, but i am simply in love with the twisted detail on their dresses and skirts.

no idea of the designer. but really, who wouldn’t want a lobster dress in their closet? (and i adore the model’s pose…)

so really, who wants to go shopping? xox


2 thoughts on “shopping, anyone?

  1. Chrissy says:

    I’m all about white right now, too! Am also previously and currently a v. black, black, black garbed person but bits of white have been sneaking in – right now am in a black and white clothing and decor phase. Soon white will win and I’ll be as pure as Ivory Soap. If one were to read this the wrong way without context I would sound like a total white supremacist.

  2. ardentlyohio says:

    damn nazis leaving comments….

    if i had money and didn’t have a three year old, i would probably have my entire house white. with few pops of color here and there. i just wish i wasn’t such a filthy gal.

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