i recently met/befriended a couple of women in my neighborhood. for the most part, i kept to myself, assuming that my ‘historic’ neighborhood was full of aged, bitter people not open to new residents (especially those who have plenty of tattoos). but i found hope in this area through these two awesome people. one of the most impressive ideas they shared with me was the community garden. it’s as easy as one empty lot, a neighborhood full of houses with no yards to garden in and people’s desire to grow their own food. sounds simple, right? well, it seems as though i was correct in assuming that the majority of the area was full of anti-everything aged people. the idea was shot down, not just once, but twice. the concept of community gardens is not a new one, but it’s one of the best ways to get a community together. i could care less about going to someone’s house to chit chat with people i don’t know, but the idea of gathering in a garden is very inviting. regardless, we have not given up yet and hope that we can make it happen.

but don’t let my little story discourage you. if you live in an urban area and want to participate or organize a community garden, there are so many resources out there. please, please, please go for it! and if you are already part of one, please leave some feedback letting me know the positives/negatives, what you love and what it’s done for your area.

here are some links if you would like to know more…


wouldn’t it also be wonderful to donate to local food banks? not only can you use the fresh on-site vegetable and fruits for yourself and family, but also those who don’t have fresh fruits and vegetables readily available. check out this site, an amazing thing going on here in dayton.


and your number one resource if you live in dayton.


so, i’ll keep you updated on our uphill battle for the community garden. until then, go grab some pots, soil and seeds and get to it!


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  1. Chrissy says:

    Why don’t biddies want to garden? What’s up their craw? Do they give specific reasons? My Papa Staton is like 87 and still gardens up a storm. He lives in Walnut Hills, if you wanna you can grow maters with him.

  2. I have been wanting to vent about this for some time! It is really just one mean old bag but she is bullying two or three of her neighbors into being opposed to the project. We met with her and her only problem is that she thinks all community gardens are shabby looking. We even did CAD drawings to show her we were going to make it lovely… she said okay to our faces but then changed her mind. We have permission to do it from the owner of the lot but he wants us to have the support of the neighbors. We can not let her win!

  3. ardentlyohio says:

    Hopefully the neighborhood vote will help and letting everyone know about it. By the way, did you happen to get/read the newsletter’s front page? Made me laugh, so ridiculous.

  4. laura says:

    this is a fabulous idea! i went by your house the other day…we went by my dads friends house (the big yellow one, didnt you say you live near him?) perhaps you could go door to door with a petition the old school way. Good luck!!

  5. ardentlyohio says:

    You know the corner he lives on? We live directly across the street from him, on the opposite corner. He’s so nice! We’ve discussed a petition, which is what it might come down to. Hopefully just letting everyone know the plans will help. It’s just one woman that’s trying to shut the idea down. But thank you for the lucky wishes!!

  6. sweetlikelemons says:

    Are you familiar with Feed Dayton, http://www.feeddayton.org? Urban agriculture and feeding the poor. Good stuff.

  7. ardentlyohio says:

    Yes, I am! I mentioned something to Tonia a while back about possibly getting involved with them if/when we get the garden going. It’s actually linked above, too!

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