so it looks like it’s going to be another dismal day. so what to do? either the kiddo and myself can spend the day dancing around the house listening to black sabbath’s iron man (his new favorite song, also his new fave super hero…) or we could get out of the damn house. i’m thinking dayton art institute sounds fun. it’s been about a year since we last visited and i believe there’s even more for kids. oh yes, after checking their site there is, indeed, a new little thing for the shorties.  (

they also have a great little gift shop with tons of postcards (which we collect, from everywhere) and little vinyl figures. ah, and there is also a cafe, but i haven’t been in since serving there. (first and only job as a server) but the food was excellent and affordable. so if YOU go to the museum, you should absolutely pick up a bite to eat. so i guess i’m off for now. the kiddo will be the deciding vote in our entertainment for the day. (and he is currently building ‘monster trucks’ with rolls of toilet paper, eh.) have a good day and i’ll be awaiting tomorrow’s sunshine and warmth.

i am an awful person and i have no idea who painted this or what it's named. anyone know?


3 thoughts on “

  1. Chrissy says:

    Haven’t been there in forever, but it’s on our list to visit when we get to Dayton again finally. They were voted one of the ten best art museums for kids by Parents magazine a few years ago. I used to LIVE there in junior high, high school, and early adulthood. Probably my favorite place in Dayton – even more than my old workplace, Carillon Park.

  2. ardentlyohio says:

    it’s crazy, i’ve never ever been to carillon park. i had no idea what it even was (aside from bells…) until a couple years ago. i have to go this season! definitely take the little on to dai. they have a whole kids room now. little dolls, big dolls, a great butterfly installation thing, work stations where kids can draw and do all types of fun things.

  3. Chrissy says:

    I feel like going the minute I land!! Carillon Park is awesome, your boy will love the schoolhouse and the planes, trains, and automobiles. Go on a day when the little train is running!

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