ssh, tracy morgan is coming on…

it was a slow day, inside, due to possible toxic smoke hanging out over the city. (seriously, i think 3000 cars ablaze. bike to work day is cancelled for tomorrow, yet the baseball game a few blocks from the fire is still a go! be safe, dragon fans…) anyway, gunnar and i were holed in the house with only markers, paper and hats to amuse us. i’ve been collecting hats for the past 14 years. vintage, women’s kangol are my favorite. but anything interesting is enough reason to buy and save. gunnar has his own vintage kangol and i wore my own kangol beret.


our 'where the wild things are' hat.

i’m really hoping that the weather and natural disasters lets us out of the house sometime this weekend. i have lots of projects planned and sunny, dry weather is required! i’m also dying to get out on the bikes, take some photos, yard sales with my bff. you know, anything that occurs outside. that’s all for now, i have huge plans this evening. (…30 rock finale, ahem…) goodnight!


One thought on “ssh, tracy morgan is coming on…

  1. chefjoefish says:

    Great photos! Your are a natural born blogger dude!!

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