itsy bitsy teeny weeny…

since posting last night, summer has been heavily on my mind. of course, with summer, comes smaller clothes. miniscule, even. until finally, you are at the pool wearing your bikini and enjoying a large slushie. i love bikinis (although the thought of slipping one on this summer causes me to hyperventilate…) and this love has sent me on a search of the most memorable bikini clad women in (somewhat recent) history.


is it possible to hear the cars 'moving in stereo' without the glorious image of phoebe cates in (and out) of the red bikini?

i have never in my life seen a bond movie, yet this image was one of the first that came to mind.

princess leia. this image sparked millions of fanboy fantasies. (leia can also be credited for girl's longing for braided, ear covering buns)

i know at least three people with a bikini-clad bettie page tattooed on them. this image has only fueled my love of short bangs and leopard print throughout the years.

ricci in the opposite of sex. i love this image, i loved the character, i love the cigarette and i really truly adore christina ricce.




i hope that these ladies have inspired some of you to pull out the two piece for memorial day weekend (i.e. the flippin’ pool opens!). oh, and don’t forget your 50spf, aviators and a large blue slushie. see you tomorrow, goodnights!


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