robots vs life.

it’s 2010. instead of flying cars, i am now a blogger. who could have predicted that?

i suppose an introduction may be in order…i am anna. i am born and raised midwestern. mother, wife, beautifier, writer, reader, television enthusiast, crossword junkie. drawing with my kiddo, thrift stores, parks, bicycles, makeup gems, home and garden stores and exploration are the things that make me, well, happy.

this is just the start, and hopefully i will soon get my brain organized and fill you in on everything that i find fascinating, fabulous or just a necessity in life.

now crosswords & bed. goodnights!


2 thoughts on “robots vs life.

  1. I really, really like the design of that Ohio thingie up there. Hell yes.

  2. ginsu says:

    curt and to the point. good start

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