Another day another…cake.

Here’s a little post about my latest large scale baking gig. (well, to me…GIANT baking gig!). The thing I love about baking for people I know is them having trust in me to take a few ideas from them and go from there. I really don’t think I could work in a bakery because my worst nightmare is the ‘psychotic bride’. Scary. But anyway, here’s a (iPhone, not from my Nikon) photo.



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back at it.

it’s been a while since i’ve posted ANYTHING! too busy partying i.e. hanging out with the kiddo. but i’m back. so expect more jibberish, projects and personal inspiratations.



x’s and o’s


One thing to do with a muumuu.


What do you do with muumuu that you purchased four years ago while thrifting because you loved the fabric? Make a purse, duh. I have had this thing forEVER and up to this point had only cut the little sleeves off. I loved it…yellow with pink embroidery…so so so pretty but I can’t actually bring myself to wear a muumuu. So in the past week I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for gifts I could make. A tote was one idea. While going through all my scrap fabric I came across the muumuu and started on a purse. I didn’t use a pattern, or any sort of organized thought process.
First I cut the amount of my pretty fabric to use and used that shape to cut the liner fabric (a heavy canvas-y fabric). I pinned it together (which was the only proper thing I did) and started sewing.

After sewing the liner to the exterior I started sewing the edges together. I just kind of made up the shape as I went along. I had a bit of help from my kid and my cat.

I made a strap out of the same material, sewing inside then pulling it outside in. Then sewed that into the inside.

Unfortunately I can’t take photos while sewing because I have this whole two hands thing going on. But with an idea, a sewing machine and absolutely no organization or pattern you can make a purse, too!

Manicure Wednesday

Wednesday I watch top model and paint my nails. I am aware that I live a phenomenallyexciting life and that most are envious of my jet setting life. Well, today is Wednesday. So it is nail time!
I decided that tonight’s color combo is grey and neon fuchsia leopard print. The polishes I used were:


Seche Plus fortified strengthener base
N.Y.C. in Sidewalkers (grey)
China Glaze Purple Panic Neon (fuchsia)
China Glaze Liquid Leather (black)
Seche Vite Top Coat (the best topcoat in existence, seriously.)

First of all, make sure nails are free of any oil by swiping some acetone over all your nails. Otherwise your color will last barely a day. I decided to do all my nails, except ring fingers, in grey. I did the ring fingernails in fuchsia. I did a couple coats of polish. (I prefer China Glaze because it coats like a dream!) Once dry, I busted out my black. Clear the brush of polish and just leave a little bead at the tip. Gently touch the dot of color onto the nail and from there you make your leopard shapes. Drag the bead of polish gently into “u” shapes, imperfect dots and rough circles.


Vary the shapes around the nail. You can do bigger or smaller shapes, whatever you prefer or what’s easier for you. After the leopard spots dry, on the grey nails I filled in some of the “u”‘s with the fuchsia polish. I did the same on fuchsia nails with grey. Then put on your top coat and that’s it! At the end of an hour you will have pretty tips and get to see which broad’s life Tyra decides to ruin!


my brain does not allow me to stick to one thing. my mind skips, jumps and cartwheels everywhere. basically, it’s impossible for me to focus an entire blog on just one tiny spectrum of what is in my brain. from here on out i will blog about anything that strikes my fancy. whether it be trying to actualize an idea of a kitty wearing earmuffs or complaining about one of my tail lights being out. deal with it. right.